History of Yoni Massage

Hysteria in Women

In the 1800s when women were considered “frustrated” they visited a specialist doctor to have their “hysteria” treated by a professional. Basically, the doctor performed masturbation by way of vagina and yoni massage.

Doctors would treat female “hysterics” by massaging them until they reached orgasm. The notion that women suffered from hysteria, a poorly defined disorder with a laundry list of symptoms, led to the creation of the modern-day vibrator.

These started with hand operated devices.

The practice came to a head in the late 19th-century when doctors started using steam-powered machinery to save their hands the trouble of having to masturbate all these women.

With electricity came the latest inventions in yoni manipulation.

Early electric vibrator

Sex research shows that most women do not regularly orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. So, if you are not getting manual or oral stimulation at home, it makes sense that your interest might be piqued to visit a yoni expert, offering a handful of solutions.

James still likes to use his hands and fingers so he can feel the intensity building. But there are also a few options of toys. If you have a favorite one you might want to bring it along.