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What is Yoni Massage?

The yoni massage practice is all about exploratory touch. It’s meant to release tension, which can increase vaginal sensitivity, reduce anxiety and possibly even heal past trauma.

The massage itself has roots in Tantric sexual technique and uses a special touch inside the vagina which aims to release tension and develop feeling in that area, leading to a better sex life and even improved emotional wellbeing.

Yoni Massage in South Florida – West Palm Beach – Inspired Touch

How is Inspired Touch Yoni Massage different?

Yoni massage providers have all been taught in various different ways and use many widely different techniques. I use a tantric style massage to relax and remove stress. The massage is done in the nude and I begin by covering you in a cocoon of warm large towels in the face down position. Most women say this creates a wonderful relaxed feeling and peacefulness which allows them to relax and be less stressed during what, in most cases, is a rather unique and unusual situation for them.

Let’s face it being alone in a room, naked with a total stranger, for the purpose of touching and probing your vagina, is not something most of us do. So, I try to do everything I can to make that as relaxing and stress free as possible. Soft music, aroma therapy, dark lighting, hot towels, comfy cushions and padded massage table.

We will have a quick phone call before the session so that we can break the ice and not be complete strangers when we meet.

For some I may be the only other person they have been naked with; let alone touching their body in such an intimate and sensual fashion. For others this unusual situation where they do not have to be concerned with pleasing a partner may be a chance to truly let go, allow things to just happen and discover about themselves.

For woman who have never experience an Orgasm

While the purpose of yoni massage is not really to provide an orgasm it does occur more often than not. I feel if we have come so far along the path to get you to a place where you are wanting to let go then we should go for it. For some this can be multipe orgams. For many in can include various different ways to orgasm with penetration, G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

For women who only have one Orgasm

For some women a single orgasm is their normal. For many it may take some time to get to it and once it has occurred, they feel the experience is over. It has been my experience that normally the first orgasm is only about 10 to 20% of the female sexual experience. Over time they may have trained themselves to have one orgasm. Basically, one and done. We will try to reverse this training by allowing there to be more. This may require more than one session.

For those looking to explore and enhance their sexuality

Some women feel there must be more to experience from their body. The sexual experience can sometime become routine with the same partner over time. Sometimes sex can abate and even stop occurring in long term relationships. So those who are hoping to explore and develop their sexual experience turn to yoni massage to try things outside of their normal activity level. This way they can have every inch of their body touched in a safe and relaxed environment without the need of going outside their relationship or jeopardizing their current situation. Ongoing discussions of needs, desires and fantasy can allow for safe experimentation over multiple sessions.

For those with anxiety, numbness or pain during sex

Yoni massage to help explore sensitivity is very different from the technique used for someone who has anxiety or pain during sex. Deep breathing, gentle probing with oil as lube are used to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere of trust and longing. I suggest more than one session for this situation.

For those who have experience past sexual trauma

Yoni massage to help those who may have problems of closing down in sexual situations due to previous rape or trauma. Here again; Deep breathing, gentle probing with oil as lube are used to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere of trust and longing. I suggest more than one session for this situation.

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Yoni Massage in South Florida – Inspired Touch – West Palm Beach

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