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Yoni Massage and the Best Orgasm of My Life

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“I got an erotic yoni massage and had the best orgasm of my life.”

I have a weird relationship to tantra. I find the spiritual or new age-y side of it a bit off-putting. But people promoting tantric principles or lifestyles take sex and sexual pleasure very seriously, and because of that I can’t resist looking into it.

Masturbating while visualizing balls of energy? No thanks. Open and sexually liberated people bringing focused attention to sex? Yes, please!

Recently, my research led me to yoni massages — massages focused on the vulva and vagina.

Yoni massage best orgasm of my life.

It promises a number of benefits. Getting familiar with and learning your body. Overcoming shame surrounding your vagina. Healing from trauma. A transcendental experience. I also saw a few references to “releasing tension in the vagina.”

Sounds great, but I was a bit skeptical. Still, I decided to go for it.

Worst case scenario, I’d get my pussy rubbed for an hour. Even with no healing or revelations, that’s bound to be a good time.

I expected it to be pleasant. Maybe even a bit relaxing. I didn’t expect it to blow my mind!

Best Orgasm of My Life – Yoni Massage

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