The Healing Power of Hugs

What is the Healing Power of Hugs

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In the last few years we have seen a decline in hugging, a result of the social distancing that accompanied COVID-19. Not having the physical touch of hugs or other comforting gestures can negatively impact our health.

The simple gesture of compassion – a hug is actually a prescription for better brain health and wellness.

Hugging is an intimate gesture that brings two people together. The person receiving the hug gets a silent message from the hugger, “You matter to me, you are not alone, I’m here.” The emotional impact of this small act is amazing.

“James made me feel safe, secure and relaxed. He made me orgasm in ways I didn’t even think was possible! And then my favorite part was at the end where he hugged and held me. I felt so loved.”

But science has established beyond the emotional uplift, there is a positive physical impact as well. When hugged, we receive a jolt of oxytocin – known as the “love or cuddle” hormone. This hormonal surge triggers endorphins that help us bond with the person we are hugging. There is a transfer of positive energy from one human to the other and we feel safer and supported.

Taking the science even further, receiving a hug can boost the immune system, calm our body and regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve restful sleep, bring balance back to our nervous system and make us more patient. In addition to the oxytocin hormone for a feeling of happiness and bonding, hugs also result in a dopamine release in our brains – the “feel good” and “reward system” hormone – which can relieve stress and tension as well as motivate us and boost our self-esteem.