Anorgasmia in Women

Pre-Orgasmia in Women

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Anorgasmia is delayed, infrequent or absent orgasms — or significantly less-intense orgasms — after sexual arousal and adequate sexual stimulation. Women who have problems with orgasms and who feel significant distress about those problems may be diagnosed with anorgasmia.

I’d rather call it Pre-Orgasmia as I believe all women can orgasm in time, so it is really the state before the first orgasm. Basically, to awaken the orgasm.

Among all women, the frequency and intensity of orgasms vary. Also, for any individual, orgasms can be different from one time to the next. The type and amount of stimulation needed to have an orgasm also varies.

Multiple factors may lead to pre-orgasmia. These include relationship or intimacy issues, cultural factors, physical or medical conditions, and medications. Treatments can include education about sexual stimulation, sexual enhancement devices, individual or couple therapy, and medications.

Female orgasmic disorder is another term for the spectrum of problems with orgasms. The word “anorgasmia” specifically refers to not being able to have an orgasm, but it’s also used as shorthand for female orgasmic disorders. The term “pre-orgasmia” refers to the period prior to the first Orgasm.

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