Case Histories

A Few Case Histories from Inspired Touch Sessions

No real names are used. All communication between parties will be kept private and confidential.

Lisa, 41, booked a massage session to try to break the cycle of “one and done” orgasm that she had experienced her entire life.
“I can’t believe what I have been missing all these years. It took such a long time to get to my orgasm that I always figured once it happened – that was it. I only knew of the one way and I was amazed at the other ways my body allowed me to experience multiple and more intense orgasms. I discovered things I never knew my body could do.”
Donna, 38, booked a yoni massage after experiencing a lack of sensation during sex. She said, “A friend of mine told me about tantric massage when I confessed, I found sex boring. I could never feel much down there and nothing I tried seemed to work, like tingly lube or sex toys.”
“I was really nervous at first, but during the massage my body became more responsive. The touch was very sensitive and exploratory, and I felt these amazing sensations in my body. When I had sex with my partner afterwards, I felt so much more connected to the experience.”
Tina, 26, turned to tantric massage after struggling to overcome a bad relationship, which she felt had wrecked her sex life.
“I got out of the relationship some time ago but every time I had sex, I felt like I was holding back or tightening up. During the yoni massage we explored this issue, physically, emotionally and sexually. It really helped me view sex and being touched in a more positive way. I’m still getting there, but the more sessions I go to, the better I feel.”
Dawn, 52, had a friend suggest that yoni massage might help her with her inability to reach orgasm.
“Every time I got close to a place where I would get excited, I would have the urge to pee. Most times I would pull back and put it off. Sometimes I actually got up to urinate. James told me to pee before the session so I would know I was empty and then to just let go when I felt the urge. It opened up a whole new world of squirt orgasms for me. To think, I had been teaching myself to hold back my whole life.”
Julie, 49, had been molested at a young age and felt she was unable to let go freely. She had only one partner in her life and felt there must be more to experience. She also wondered if she was holding back – unable to let go.
“I was amazed at how James took his time with me to know and understand my past. He then slowly offered me his touch in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Over time I was able to allow him to touch me in ways I have never been touched. I felt it was very healing and natural.”
Cathy, 56, found herself in a sexless marriage after her children had grown and gone. She still had the desire and need to be wanted and sexually stimulated but didn’t want her life to change.
“My home life was fine and I did not want to change it. Everything was perfect except for the total lack of sex. I was concerned and conflicted that finding an outside outlet for my desire might jeopardize everything. I scheduled a Tantric session and found I could have a full experience in a safe and comforting environment. Every session I have with James takes me to a new level and I am finding things about my body that I never would have known.”
Dee, 20, scheduled a massage session to try to experience orgasm for the first time. Even masturbation wasn’t providing the kind of results she was expecting. After James explained the various different types of orgasms and how they occur she was able to experience her first ever and multiple. She had her first ejaculation event during an intense G-spot rub and that was followed by two more in succession.
“My experience was one to die for, I’ve never had an experience like that before. It was amazing, I had the best orgasms of my life and literally was my first time ever. “
Lin, 65, is a busy business woman who travels into town from time to time. Having her married life come to an end after many years she was tentative about dating and having sex with other men for what seemed to be the first time. She has a session now most every time she visits the area. She likes to shower just before the session and James found that washing her back for her really intensified the session.
“James is a very sensitive person who takes time and care with his clients. My massages have always been satisfying. Very satisfying, enjoyable and peaceful.”
Sue, 27, mentioned that all her life she felt ashamed about exploring her body. She wanted to be able to relax and be satisfied like she felt she deserved. She was stuck in a one-and-done orgasm cycle, thinking that was all there was.
“James made me feel safe, secure and relaxed. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to do anything. He made me orgasm in many ways I didn’t even think was possible! And then my favorite part was at the end where he hugged and held me. I felt so loved.”

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A Few Case Histories from Inspired Touch Sessions