Regulars, Return Sessions and Reviews

Returning Visitors, Repeat Sessions and Visitor Reviews

Returning Visitors

Some of my clients return about once a month for additional sessions. This allows us to further improve on their goals over time. Their individual goals are all different so the exact number of sessions to complete them is always different as well. Some are just looking to relax and be free to enjoy orgasm without the need to satisfy a partner. Others are working toward their first orgasm, to improve orgasm or looking for new sensations that they didn’t know their body could experience. A few are actually looking for more of a boyfriend experience without the hassle of the relationship/courtship process.

For some visitors who have a long distance to travel I arrange to travel to them from time to time. I have a portable table and do not mind the travel as long as the space for the session is completely relaxed and uninterrupted by any stress.

Repeat Sessions

Reasons for repeat sessions vary with the individual. Some who have just reached their first orgasm may find it easier to continue to have them more often or easier by repeating the session process several times. This way it becomes more natural to let go into the moment. Sometimes many years of emotionally or mentally blocking the orgasm can take more time to reverse and relax into it.

If you didn’t have your first orgasm during our first session then I apologize. I do have a very high success rate with first orgasm but sometimes it takes more than one visit to get to it. Every woman is different and some just take me a while longer to get my finger on the right trigger. Usually second and additional sessions are more relaxed and allow for more experimentation.

For some improving their orgasm is the goal: Going from a single into multiple orgasm or even ejaculation. For others just having a place where they can go to completely let go and enjoy the experience – like a full body massage but with every part of the body getting attention. For many these are ways they have never been touched before in a situation where everything is about them and their body. A few were looking for a boyfriend experience without the need of the commitment or courtship process. One had recently moved to the area from out of state and enjoyed the “no strings attached” attention.

I am always amazed at women who have one big orgasm, then sit up and say thank you. I try to tell them that what they just experienced was just a starting point. There is so much more to come, once you get to that point. You’ve just gotten warmed up so you should just relax and let the experience continue. In a normal session I would say the average time spent in multiple orgasm is about 20 minutes. Plus the first orgasm is normally not the best one! Most women who achieve squirt (ejaculation) orgasm have it occur after the first few O’s and then they can often have two or three squirts in a row.


By submitting reviews my visitors help me to get better at what I do. Reviewers that include their specific needs are encourage so we can really have a focus on personal goals. Every woman is different and their likes / dislikes when it comes to stimulation is important to communicate so we can accomplish these goals.

Sometimes these reviews are easier to submit for women who have a hard time expressing their feeling verbally – they find it easy to fill out the review form instead of talking about topics that may not be in their normal comfort zone. Many have no problem telling me exactly what they want as we progress through the session and I encourage every one to feel free to give me direction. After all this is all about you.

You can see some of these reviews here – as you can see I may include some of what you say online in my website but I will never add your name to the testimonial. As always; everything between us is private and confidential.

Your candid review is most welcome and I’d love to hear from you after your first visit. You can submit the review here.

Going Through Changes

Many times I have witnessed amazing changes in my repeat visitors after their sessions. Some have ended relationships that were not going anywhere and some have found new partners who are more in tune to their needs. Some were so successful that they felt they didn’t need me anymore – which is (kind of sad but) wonderful. While others felt they couldn’t change their home situation due to children and/or long term commitment but found they could enjoy this few hours away from it all for attention to their needs and a stress free escape.