Consultation Call

Verification and Consult Call Before Scheduling a Session

We will have a consultation call before the session so that we can build a bit of a relationship and set down any boundaries beforehand. Since every woman is different I have found this to be the best way to know exactly what is acceptable and what is not, well before we have a session.

Some women do not like to discuss these things, while others have no problem and are very freely open to talk about their bodies and orgasms. For women who are not so open to discuss things over the phone or in person – I have created a consultation form that you can fill out. It is below.

Here are some of the questions we will cover during the consultation call:

  • Tell me about your orgasm. Multiple, never, one and done, squirting, etc.
  • When do you orgasm? G-spot stimulation, Clit play, masterbation, vibrator , etc.
  • Do you ever feel pain, dryness or a lack of feeling, numbness during sex?
  • Talk about your sexual past. A lot of experience, late start, trauma, rape, etc.
  • How do you feel about the following: finger penetration, vibrator, dildo, oral, anal touching?
  • What size do you like best during penetration? None, small, large, long, wide, etc.
  • How comfortable are you with talking during the session? Silent, Open, I try to control everything.

Consultation Form