How to Prepare for your Session

List of Suggestions

Here is a list of suggestions that may help to make things better in preparation for our session in your home:

We will need a quiet area with a large open floor space. Preferably a small comfortable room or bedroom where you can relax, uninterrupted. I will bring a portable massage table (unless you have a massage table already.) The room should be able to lower shades to make it darker and relaxed. Place any candles or incense you’d like in the room.

I can bring a Massage MAT (as seen below) and set it up. This will allow for the most relaxation and comfort during your massage for both face down and face up positions.  This is especially comfortable for women with larger breasts in the face down position.

We will need 2 or 3 of your largest bath towels and a few bath hand towels. Run towels in clothes dryer (if possible) before the visit so they are nice and cozy warm.

Have a hot shower or bath just before the session.  Wear no perfume or jewelry. Wear a bathrobe to keep warm after the shower, until the massage and don’t do anything stressful.  It is always a good idea to pee before the session.  That way no interruption for a nature call.

It is best not to eat one-hour prior to your session.

I will bring massage oil to be used. The oil is all natural and hypoallergenic.  The oil can be left on for added skin treatment.  Normally I will wipe you down with hot hand towels at the end of the session.