How to Prepare for your Session

List of Suggestions

Here is a list of suggestions that may help to make things better in preparation for our session in your location:

We will need a quiet area with a large open floor space. Preferably a small comfortable room or bedroom where you can relax, uninterrupted. I will bring a portable massage table. The room should be able to lower shades to make it darker and relaxed. Place any candles or incense you’d like in the room.

Until the massage try not to do anything stressful.  Drink plenty of water and do not eat an hour or so beforehand. 

I bring a Massage MAT (as seen below) and set it up. This will allow for the most relaxation and comfort during your massage for both face down and face up positions.  This is especially comfortable for women with larger breasts in the face down position.

We will need 2 or 3 of your largest bath towels and a few bath hand towels. Run towels in clothes dryer (if possible) before the visit so they are nice and cozy warm.

Have a hot shower or bath just before the session.  Wear no perfume or jewelry. Wear a bathrobe to keep warm after the shower, until the massage and don’t do anything stressful.  It is always a good idea to pee before the session.  That way no interruption for a nature call.

I will bring massage oil to be used. The oil is all natural and hypoallergenic.  The oil can be left on for added skin moisturizer treatment.  Normally I will wipe you down with hot hand towels at the end of the session.

The Massage Session

We will begin with you face down and I will cover you with hot towels so you are completely wrapped and toasty warm.   I will peel the towels back one area at a time to rub each area.

Please let me know if you have any time constraints. I almost always plan for a 90-minute session. The session can work just as well in a 60-minute timeframe but I need to know in advance. This way I can plan the session routine to conform to your schedule.

Sometimes during the tantric part of the session you may feel the urge to pee.  Knowing that the bladder is empty (since you went to the bathroom beforehand) you will not worry about that sensation.  In fact, many women expel liquid (ejaculate) during orgasm. So, if you feel like you have to pee during the session, I encourage you to just let it flow.  In fact, you should even push a bit to help it along.  Don’t worry or be embarrassed by it as it is completely normal and natural.  I have seen this many times and I encourage it. Women describe this type of orgasm as “something they never felt before.”

Consultation Form

If you haven’t already; consider filling out the advanced Consultation Form before your visit. Instead of discussion before the massage or during our session time – this will allow you to offer very detailed info about you and your desires in advance of our meet.

After the Session

Now you are feeling wonderful in every way.  You can just relax, stay on the table and glow.  I will bring you your robe.  You can keep the coconut oil on your skin as a moisturizer, or I can wipe you down with some wet hot towels.