Boyfriend Experience

What is the Boyfriend Experience?

For women looking for a “boyfriend experience” our session can possibly include more intimate touching and interactions more like that of a dating couple. This could include more hugging, cuddling and skin to skin contact. For some women a lack of this type of intimacy can create unbalance in their lives. The experience of having this type of session without the emotional investment needed in dating and courtship can be very fulfilling. Plus there is no need to be concerned with pleasing a partner.

For women who are not in a relationship this type of session can take the pressure off the urgency of meeting someone and not rushing into anything just to satisfy any immediate needs. Having any sexual needs out of the way when sizing up potential partners can be beneficial in allowing you to make better choices for long term relationships.

For women who are in a non-sexual long-term relationship this type of massage session can provide you with a safe alternative to going outside the existing relationship looking for an alternate sexual partner or one night stand type of scenario. These types of situations can be dangerous and problematic while trying to keep your grounded home life intact. Most often the guilt alone can cause disruption in your existing life.

During the times of the Pandemic and during times between relationships there is an occurrence of something called skin hunger. The bodies largest organ, your skin, is deprived of skin to skin contact. Cuddling while on the massage table, longer strokes of the hands that include the arms to slide along your body can help to satisfy this skin hunger.

“I look forward to being in touch.” – James