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Hint:  "Massage by James" - James is a man's name.

Location: Currently available in most South Florida areas in and around West Palm Beach County. 

The Types of Massage: The Sensual massage focuses on relaxation and producing a warm glowing feeling, which may result in a "turned on" feeling like that of prolonged foreplay.  The Erotic massage evolves into direct stimulation resulting in a highly aroused state and ultimately genital release (orgasm).  It is both inappropriate and illegal for Erotic massage to occur in a paid capacity.  That said, ALL massage will be provided with no fee or charge. Feel free to give me as much information about your desires in the following form. 

The Online Form: All requests for information and communication are completely confidential.  The following information you enter will only be used to evaluate your desires and contact you.  You need only fill out the fields you are comfortable with. Required fields are those marked as *required.  Your email address will not be put onto any lists. I will not call or text your number unless you ask me to.

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Enter a description of your body below and any type of regular exercise you are doing.

What type of massage:
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If erotic  massage:
Are you currently on any medication, experiencing any pain or under a doctor's care?   

Would you like to have the session at your location or at mine? Keep in mind that the best place would need to be be quiet, relaxed and have no interruptions.   

Tell me how you would like to be contacted: email, phone or text? What times are best for your session: morning, afternoon, evening or late night? What day of the week is best for your session?  Ask questions or add comments.   



By submitting this form I agree to the following: I am a consenting adult of legal age. I understand that massage services are NOT fee based, no fees are required and no money will be paid for any part of services provided.  I understand that all communication between parties is private and confidential.

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