Why Verification

Why Do I Ask for Phone Verification Before I Schedule a Tantric Session?

Let’s face it; the Internet is, at times, a tricky place to navigate. For your security, as well as mine, I like to talk by phone (in real time) before I give out any of the full details about my Tantric Sessions or me personally.

Since meeting someone for the first time and giving them access to your “full body” on a massage table is not something you do every day. We both want to make sure that the other person is real and legitimate.

After all we are meeting for the purpose of exploration of your sensual, erotic zones and/ or fantasies. And for some we are reaching into areas of trauma, healing, overcoming limitations, abuse, or abandonment. For others a journey into the unknown, the hidden possibilities and the untouched parts of their amazing sexuality.

This “verification” has the added benefit of breaking the ice. Once we speak, we will have at least heard each other’s voices and had that initial communication. We can ask and answer a few basic questions and perhaps even move on into more advanced desires and needs.

Everyone is different

Some women don’t like to talk about their anatomy or sexual past/parts, others are willing to discuss and explore openly. Some women want to have a consultation beforehand and others are put off by that type of clinical discussion. I won’t know where to start unless we talk a bit.

In the end we will both have quite a bit of information about each other. To ensure that our mutual information remains secure I have everyone sign the agreement on the initial contact form:

By submitting this form I agree to the following: I am a consenting adult woman of legal age. I understand that Inspired Touch sessions are NOT fee based, no fees are required and no money will change hands. I also understand that Inspired Touch sessions are not traditional massage therapy and are not performed by a licensed massage therapist. I agree that all communication between BOTH parties will be kept private and confidential.

I want you to be able to trust me with everything. I want you to open up to me and allow me to help you heal or explore boundaries. To open new ways to orgasm or to achieve whatever it is you were looking for when you decided to research tantric, erotic or yoni massage.

If you can’t afford to tip – don’t worry about it

I have all kinds of visitors; some can afford to tip and others who cannot. In the end anyone who desires the benefits of this type of interaction is welcome. I don’t care about shape, size, age, color or who you voted for. I am here to share what I do and know, to help – no matter what reason brought you to my door.

Call to Verify

Call to phone verify so we can look at the calendar to schedule your session. If for any reason I cannot answer the phone, please feel free to leave a voicemail message with specific information about if and/or when I can call back. Once we verify each other we can meet.

If you selected to “only communicate by text” – we will continue to use text as your only communication after the phone call. I will never call you unless you ask me to.

516-350-8353 – James

After We Verify

Once we have spoken by phone – I will send you a link to “even more” detailed information about the session and me personally. Also, more testimonials, case histories and links to “Frequently Asked Questions.” There is also a link to an optional Online Consultation Form, for those who want that, so I can better understand your specific journey.  

I look forward to being in touch.