Female Ejaculation

Amrita or Female Ejaculation  

I find it amazing in this day and age that very little is known by women about Female Ejaculation.  The first time I, James experienced it years ago was with a girlfriend and I was completely surprised.  But for this woman it was her normal everyday orgasm, and it happened every time she had sex.  I had to find out more. 

I have had experience with many women who have never had an orgasm let alone ejaculate; we try to approach this with the concept that you should just relax and not worry if anything is going to happen or not. If it happens then great if not, no big deal we can keep trying at another session, no problem.

The majority tell me that as they near what they think is the climax they stop themselves as they feel they are about to pee.  So, they basically just turn off – as they would feel embarrassed if they happened to pee.   Many of them have done this for such a long time that they actually try to block out the sensation.   But other women report having very intense orgasms that coincide with the release of this natural fluid.  In Tantra this fluid is called “Amrita” or “The Nectar of the Gods.”   

Female Ejaculation or Amrita graphic

The trick in all this is to simply go with the flow.  When you feel like you are going to pee – just go for it.  Push as if you are going to have a baby and you will expel the liquid from your body.  Along with a massive feeling of release.  Most often this occurs in waves and so, it is not uncommon for you to ejaculate more than once. Like riding the waves.

I am not sure why but there are some women who have this occur every time they have sex with no need for any other manipulation. For them this is a normal orgasm with ejaculation every time.  While others need to have a special massage to help it happen.  Once it occurs it becomes easier to achieve more often.  These are normally very intense orgasms.

For most women when they arrive at this “they have to pee” feeling (at this intense built-up point) about 30% think they just need to pee and pull back instead of letting go.  Another 30% actually will stop and get up to go to the bathroom.

I always suggest you pee before a session so your bladder will be empty and should you feel this urge please feel free to push and let it go.  If you do happen to pee, don’t worry, it does not matter and it will not bother me.  Relax and take a breath and push again at the next wave and it should happen again… and again.

The fluid is odorless, does not stain and can be cleaned up very easily.  This appears to be a very normal way the body expels this built-up fluid. 

Here is a very informative video (although somewhat strangely presented) about this topic.  I did not produce this video.  I present it here for your amusement or education; perhaps a bit of both.

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