Contact By Man

So you are a man… and you have stumbled upon Inspired Touch for Women somehow. So just to make sure you understand – this web site is for women. Not men.

If you are looking for an Asian massage parlor for a happy ending by a woman – I cannot help you. I am not a directory of massage parlors or a referral service. Please don’t ask. Just do a search online like this one here.

If you are a man looking to surprise his wife or girlfriend with a sensual / erotic massage then you should know this does not make a good surprise. This is supposed to be a relaxing, sensual and intimate experience for her. That is not so easy to accomplish with her spouse or boyfriend standing over the massage table. If you want to really give her a gift then tell her about this web site and have her fill out the contact form for women.

If you are a man looking to learn how to do what I do (tantric, sensual, erotic massage) to be more amazing in the bedroom then I would be happy to help with that. However that must first start with her. Direct her to this web site and have her fill out the contact form for women. Once she has had a session with me alone and she decides she would like you to learn to do what I do then I will consider doing the next session with you observing or interacting in some way.

If you are a man and just looking for a happy ending of your own. There are many ways you can find this without involving me. Try looking at this link for M4M happy ending for straight men.