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Inspired Touch Massage Therapy for women by appointment only.  
Located in the West Palm Beach area of South Florida.
Please read this entire page before contacting me about services.  The vast majority of questions that I am asked in email are answered on this page.  Once you have reviewed the written content below feel free to complete my online form for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Sensual Massage Therapy

Treat yourself to an hour or two of total immersion in your own body through our inspired touch massage and experienced hands.  

inspired (n-sprd) verb - To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion. To stimulate to action. To affect or touch. To draw forth; elicit or arouse. To be the cause or source of; bring about. To draw in (air) by inhaling.
touch (tch) verb - To cause or permit a part of the body, especially the hand or fingers, to come in contact with so as to feel.
massage (me-szh, -sj) noun - The rubbing or kneading of parts of the body to aid circulation or relax the muscles.

Stressed Out?  Sore Muscles?  Body Ache?

Nothing quite comes close to the relaxation that you achieve with a full body sensual massage.  Comfortable surroundings, soft music, aromatic smells and the soothing touch of soft caring human hands.  Not the cold office or clinic type environment of the traditional massage but in your own home or mine.  Total, soothing, relaxation that is so fulfilling that you may find it addictive.

Need to be Touched or Pampered?

Humans are social creatures and we need to have contact with other people to not only survive but to feel good about ourselves.  This need is as old as life itself and very important to a healthy state of mind.  Experience the ultimate soothing relaxation that is the result of a full body sensual massage. 

Welcome to Sensual Massage! 

Unlike traditional licensed massage therapy that uses a cold office / clinical environment, the sensual massage therapist works in your own home or apartment on a mat on the floor or a portable massage table.  In your own comfortable surroundings, near all your own comforts, with no need to travel to and from the sessions.  Sitting in traffic may actually create more stress than the massage has released.  

If you would rather not have the massage in your own space for whatever reason then you can certainly travel to me.  My home on the water is peaceful, relaxing and the next best place to your own space.  I do not use a traditional office / clinical environment and you will not be able to get a sensual or erotic type massage in these office type settings due to insurance and their fear of legal suits. 

Unlike massage practiced in a clinic, the sensual massage therapist does not have to hold a degree or certificate to practice massage.  I personally became interested in massage as a natural extension of my studies in yoga, dance and helping people, but I didn't pick up the skill in a classroom.  I am self-taught through reading, experiencing massage as a client myself and most importantly, practice.

Women massage only.

I do not do sensual massage on men.  I receive many emails requesting service for men or to recommend a female massage therapist that provides this same service for men.  I apologize, but I personally prefer to only massage women and I am unable to vouch for anyone else's credibility except my own.   Please feel free to check the various listings database on the main web site at www.MassageOnline.net for massage services available in your own area. 

If you are a woman or a couple living in the West Palm Beach area, I may be available to book you an appointment with me.  If you're interested, fill out the online form and request a time.  I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

What people say. 

It was a pleasure meeting you.  Your soothing voice and warm hands made me feel quite comfortable.  - Joyce.

As a lesbian, I've found it hard to feel comfortable being massaged by a 'non-lesbian' but you made me feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you. - April.

Referrals or recommendations. 

Many people have emailed asking for referrals to masseurs or masseuses in their area of the world.  I apologize, but I am unable to vouch for anyone else's credibility except my own.  Please check the various listing databases on the main web site at www.MassageOnline.net for people in your own area. 

Sensual and Erotic Massage

While the sensual massage focuses on relaxation and producing a warm glowing feeling, which may result in a "turned on" feeling like that of prolonged foreplay, erotic massage is quite different.  Erotic massage also gets into direct stimulation resulting in a highly aroused state and ultimately genital release or orgasm.  While most all erotic massage is marketed to men and usually gets right down to the business at hand, there is my service for sensual massage for women that can cross over into erotic areas, if desired.  

While I have heard arguments that genital release has a relaxing and therapeutic benefit it is both inappropriate and illegal for this to occur in a paid capacity.  That said, I have experimented with some non-paying friends and volunteers in these areas and have found it to be quite fascinating and enjoyable work.  I have had some very good experience with first orgasm, intensifying orgasm and female ejaculation. 

It's up to you to choose where the massage will take place, how much clothing you will wear, and where and how you will be touched.  Again, I suggest you make sure your desires are explicitly clear before the session begins.  If your wishes change during the course of the massage, feel free to simply make the changes known. 

Session Cost

The price of massage varies according to the length and type of session desired and distance to your location. 

Sessions usually start at $60.00. 

Session times are afternoon and evening hours, available both weekdays and weekends. 

I will accommodate those with financial constraints, such as a student, single parent, etc.  I also welcome new friends and the occasional volunteer when time permits for erotic massage sessions. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment please fill out the online form (click here).   Let's  talk and get comfortable. 

The Benefits of Receiving a Massage:

  • Enhances health and nourishment of the skin.
  • Touch can help refocus & rejuvenate your mind, body & spirit.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Oil and friction removes an external layer of dry, dead skin.
  • Reduces effects of stress which is the cause of many diseases.
  • Increases circulation.
  • Helps to remove toxins from skin and muscles.
  • Stimulates the nervous & endocrine systems that are responsible for relaxing the body & mind.
  • Reduces or relieves chronic pain.
  • Reduces fatigue and muscle tension.
  • Increases flexibility of soft tissue & joints.
  • Reduces muscle spasm and pain of injuries.
  • Faster injury healing.
  • May decrease time lost due to illness.
  • Headache relief.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Creates greater joint flexibility.
  • Improves athletic performance.

How to Prepare for your Massage:

Here is a list of suggestions that may help to make things better in preparation for massage in your home:

We will need a quiet area with a large open floor space; Preferably a small comfortable room or bedroom where we can close the door.  We will use the floor unless you have a massage table (I do not travel with one).  The room should be able to lower shades to make it darker during daylight hours.  Place any candles you would like in the room. Candles can be scented if you desire or we may use some incense.

I will bring a Massage MAT (as seen below) and set it up (on table or floor).  This will allow for the most relaxation and comfort during your massage for both face down and face up positions.

We will need 4 or 5 of your largest bath towels and one sheet.  Run towels and sheet in clothes dryer (if possible) before the visit so they are nice and warm.

Have a hot shower or bath just before the session and wear no perfume or jewelry.  Wear a bathrobe to keep warm after the shower, until the massage and don't do anything stressful.  Use the bathroom (if needed) before starting the session.

It is best not to eat one-hour prior to your session.

I will bring several types of massage oil to be used.  Any favorite massage oils (or favorite massage tools/toys) can be placed into a small bag or box and simply left in the room. 

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Copyright Inspired Touch - All rights reserved.